Note from author



Dear Friends:

My name is Mom Chantara Soleil. I am called Soleil.

Though most contents of this blog ground on my work with child rights organisation Plan International Cambodia, they do not officially represent the view of the organisation.

I have built this blog not only to share grassroots experiences from myself and the contribution of my colleagues, but also to bring up the voices of the children and youth as well as their communities I work with.

I am open to any constructive feedback.
Brief work experiences and educational background:

As a trained journalist, I love development and humanitarian work and have spent most of work life more or less as a development journalist. However, I started my career as a reporter with the Phnom Penh Post, the Women’s Media Center and Apsara TV station (through a counterpart with Solaris International).

Most of my degrees were earned in Cambodia. I have finished my post-graduate degree in International Relations, after receiving my International Communications certificate from the American University of Paris.

I completed my bachelors in Media Management from the Department of Media and Communications (of RUPP – the Royal University in Phnom Penh), in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Institute of Foreign Languages (of RUPP), and in Human Resource Management from Norton University.