Remote School Equipped to Change Lives

by Mom Chantara Soleil

With a new school building of six classrooms, many of 400 primary school goers at remote Lung Khung primary school in Bokeo district of the northeastern province will no longer have to sit in home-made plastic-tent classes at the house of the village leader for their lessons.


The new building was opened yesterday along with two-room library, protected well and latrine, made possible by the cooperation among Provincial Department of Education, Plan International and Ockenden Cambodia with the funding support from Educate a Child through Aid et Action.

“Students, parents and the local authorities, please maximize the use of these facilities. For our children here, study hard so that your parents and community are proud of you,” addressed Education, Youth and Sport Under Secretary of State H.E. Heang Sine who presided over the inauguration to some 200 participants.


According to the Director of Rattanakiri Provincial Department of Education Ms. Chan Kham Khoeu, the province has now a total of 367 school buildings with 1,204 classrooms – including the one being opened.

The performance in all levels of education, she added, is increasing noticeably. Almost 88% of the students (or 981 students, of them 466 are female) passed their lower secondary school final exam and 77% (or 642 students, of them 291 are female) successfully finished their higher secondary school final exam.


Mr. Pann Savath who is in charge of the project highlighted that it also intends to bring back the dropouts to school in order to build human resource in the community home mainly to Tumpoun ethnic minority group.

Net, a 13-year-old daughter of Tumpoun farmer parents with 8 kids, was among other children who attended the inauguration. She dropped out for 2016-2017, but said she will continue her grade 4 next academic year as she anticipates less crowded and less noisy class.


To encourage the local school goers, H.E. Heang Sine added that the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport is working on a policy to promote local teacher candidates, rather than mobilizing candidates from one area to another.


The complete set of school facilities opened will not only be able to accommodate over 600 students during next academic year

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