Inspiring Experience: Celebrity and Filming Visits to the Forgotten

by Mom Chantara Soleil

Actress and Executive Director of a Hong Kong’s leading theatre company The Nonsensemakers Ms. Jo Ngai Yee-shan was impressed with various service accesses enabled for rural girls and women so that they can meaning fully contribute to the development of Cambodia.


“Though more work needs to be done, I am glad that awareness and services on nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, education, hygiene and sanitation, and livelihood improvement are increasingly accessible by girls and women in remote areas of Cambodia,” said the actress.

She added that promotion of women’s role is an inevitable stepping stone not only to grease economic growth, but to advance peace and human rights.


The journalist-turned actress concluded her impression after a recent one-week visit by delegation of Plan International offices in Cambodia and Hong Kong, to far-off communities in Siem Reap and Ratanak Kiri province of Cambodia.

According to Chief Executive Officer Ms. Kanie Siu, Ms. Jo Ngai Yee-shan has volunteered to be Goodwill Ambassador of Plan International Hong Kong and worked hard to mobilised resources to promote situation of girls and women with unfortunate backgrounds.


“The main purpose of the Goodwill Ambassador’s visit is to witness progress contributed by Plan International to the lives of girls and women so that she can echo it to the organization’s donors, especially during the coming International Day for Girls on 11 October,” added Chief Executive Officer.


This was the second Hong Kong’s celebrity visit to project sites of Plan International Cambodia since 2012 trip of well-known actor and actress Ms. Louisa So Yuk Wa and Mr. Ekin Cheng, as told the host team representative Mr. Hor Kosal.

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