Child and Youth Led Show to Promote Schooling and Non-Violence Households

by Mom Chantara Soleil

A group of 18 children and youth recently surprised their community with educational concert and performance to discourage domestic violence and school dropouts and to raise fund to support the most vulnerable.

Youth led tradi dance 3

Approximately 300 dwellers in Run Ta Ek commune, Banteay Srey district of Siem Reap province crowded for the youth and child led educational concert and performance called BellSound, at local pagoda, Wat Run, where they subconsciously shared laughter and tears.


“I am so amazed by the performance of the kids in our community. I am proud. I did not expect they are so talented. Participants including myself were laughed and cried by the show,” said Mrs. Nith Kim Leang, Run Ta Ek commune councilor in charge of women and children’s affairs.

Youth led edu perform 2

Lasting from 8:00 to 10:00 PM, the show incorporated traditional dances, lip-syncing, signing and drama along with key messages to promote schooling and discourage dropouts and domestic violence.

Ms. Pork Phoun, 19, is a leader of the child and youth group shared that, “We are so happy with the support from the local authorities and people here. And we are highly motivated by the large crowd at our show.”


The young talents who lead the educational concert and performance emerged from the child club structure facilitated by Plan International Cambodia and partner Legal Aid of Cambodia through the funding support of the European Union.

Youth led edu perform 1

“We trained them with very basic skills. But they bought DVD’s and work among themselves to sharpen the skills. They initiated the whole performance by themselves,” said Mr. Huot Sahorn, official in charge of the community.


At the end of the performance, Ms. Pok Phon announced the mobilized fund of over 120,000 riels [approximately US$30] from the donation of the participants and that the amount will be used to support very poor students to continue their education.

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