Filling Up the Missing Piece

by Mom Chantara Soleil and Tiep Seiha

Another school building of six classrooms along with three blocks of latrine and clean water system added to Run Ta Ek lower secondary school in Banteay Srei district of Siem Reap province is being officially inaugurated today.


The new school facilities which cost more than US$ 90,000 – the support from Plan International Korea – is filling up the missing grades 7 to 9 of the lower secondary school.

With the access, local 7-9 graders will not have to travel an extra 3 to 5 kilometers to other lower secondary schools. The long journey to school has been one of the reasons behind recent dropouts in the community.


In his address to almost 400 children, parents, education officials, local authorities and other counterparts, Siem Reap Programme Unit Manager Hang Bona expressed his thanks to the donors and optimism about the impacts of the assistance.


“The building that can accommodate around 300 students will eventually bring broader chance for human resource development, promote learning, and reduce child migration. With long-time experiences in addressing child issues, Plan International understands well reasons behind education among the young population especially the marginalized ones and is working hard with the government and NGO partners to bring better future,” he said.

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