Moving the World Together

by Mom Chantara Soleil

A world leading Hyundai Motor Company and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in partnership with Plan Korea and Cambodia and National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC) today kick start auto mechanic skill training project for Cambodian youths with disadvantaged background from four municipality and provinces.

Some 2000 public dignitaries, national and international guests, teachers, students and journalists attended the event taking place at western suburb of Phnom Penh Capital where the well known National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC) is situated.


“This collaboration aims to set up a technical training centre to enable the unprivileged youth to learn and support themselves. We want to give back to the society by making a better life for everyone who does not have the chance and resources as suggested by our slogan Moving the World Together,” remarked CEO of Hyundai Motor Company, Mr. Chung Jin Haeng.

A report of the Asia Development Bank indicates that household financial constraint and limited training access hindered around two million of Cambodian young people from going to school and from acquiring vocational skills. Consequently, many of them have ended up working as unskilled or low paid labour inside or outside Cambodia. And only 22% of working youth, shared a report by the International Labour Organisation, completed high school.

With the total cost of over 600,000 US dollars, the project is expected to secure decent work for at least 140 disadvantaged out of school youths for the first six months of its implementation, freeing them and their families from poverty cycle.

“Youth from households that lack access to basic services must overcome barriers of marginality and exclusion to obtain decent work to avoid living in poverty. Indeed, Plan recognises youth unemployment as a serious issue. This project is a great example of partnership among government counterpart, private sector and Civil Society Organisation that intends to address the issue. I am aware of the need to approach the subject in a careful and methodical manner but I also see the need to simultaneously take practical action,” Mr. Supriyanto, Country Director of Plan Cambodia, addressed to the participants with thanks to Hyundai, KOICA, Plan Korea, concerned government bodies and NPIC for their cooperation.

The project has various components including construction of a training centre (Hyundai-KOICA Dream Centre) provision of equipments as well as machines and the revision of training curriculum in order to enable practical and quality course.

While NPIC will implement the project, and Plan offices in Korea and Cambodia are in charge of providing all necessary supports to ensure successful implementation of the project including monitoring, managing the funding flow from donors and communicating with donors related to all aspects of the project.


Cambodia is the 3rd country after Ghana and Indonesia where Hyundai and KOICA jointly fund such Dream Centre. It is an eleven-month project in Cambodia with possible extension. And Hyundai Cambodia (Camko Motor) will offer internship opportunity for three month to all the identified trainees.

Other dignitaries of the event Labour and Vocational Training Secretary of State H.E. Pich Sophoan, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Cambodia H.E. Kim Han Soo, Plan Korea’s National Director Mr. Sang-Joo Lee, and NPIC President Mr. Bun Thearith appreciated the effort to develop Cambodia’s human resources.

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