Outstanding medal granted to Plan Cambodia

by Mom Chantara Soleil 

Plan Cambodia lately received a gold or outstanding medal from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport for its timely and well integrated intervention to bridge education gaps among rural children in the country’s most populated province, Kampong Cham.


“Plan’s supports are addressing the badly needed education services and facilities for the locality. And its intervention is very well aligned with the ministry’s reform strategy to expand quality education in Cambodia,” said H.E. Im Koch, Education Youth and Sport Secretary of State.

The only one medal for NGO was granted to Plan Cambodia’s Country Director Mr. Supriyanto in an official opening of a historic lower secondary school building and clean water system supported by EXR company through Plan Korea and Cambodia in Veal Mlou commune, about 70 kilometers from the provincial town.

Addressing to some 600 participants of the opening ceremony, Mr. Supriyanto pledged Plan International’s commitment to address roots causes behind child poverty especially among those oftentimes forgotten in Cambodia.

“Plan is a relatively new comer to the country but not least in terms of our effort to fight child poverty. In the last 10 years, for education infrastructure alone we have constructed 682 classrooms in 82 schools and 31 libraries of 62 rooms of 4.5 million US dollars,” he added.

Promoting education value among children, parents and the communities, enabling child friendly environment including improved nutrition, disaster resilience, hygiene and sanitation at school, making avail of market-oriented life skills, and contributing to support national and sub-national policies are key education interventions of Plan Cambodia.


With an annual budget of more than 16 million US dollars, Plan Cambodia is paying special focus on, but not limited to, quality early, primary and lower secondary education.

The outstanding medal is the first for 2014 but not necessarily first since the child-focused NGO started its second Country Strategic Plan in 2011 – wherein it received more than 30 thanking and appreciation certificates and seven medal (four of them are gold) from the government.

Please click here for photo slide

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