Boosting Consistency in Child Protection

 by Mom Chantara Soleil

Existence of means to protect children from abuses is not enough if they lack consistency and good coordination among concerned actors at all levels: government, civil society organisations as well as the children and the communities themselves.

Seeing the gap, Plan as a leading child rights organisation in Cambodia, late May facilitated a national consultation with almost 100 decision making officials and representatives from the Cambodia National Council for Children (CNCC), other concerned government institutions, and like minded development agencies.

Child protection workshop

“Through this workshop, I see a great opportunity for relevant government institutions and civil society groups to jointly explore and agree on common goal and objectives important in strengthening national and sub-national child protection system, develop institutional plan to improve the cooperation and collaboration for effective child protection interventions in the country,” addressed Mr. Supriyanto, Country Director of Plan Cambodia, to the participants.

Plan started its work in Cambodia a decade after the Royal Government of Cambodia’s 1992 ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and has restlessly contributes to children’s welfare of the Kingdom, where over 20% of its population is still struggling for lives under less than a dollar daily income.

Plan Regional Child Rights and Protection Advisor Mr. Raša Sekulović actively supported session so that practical outputs are ensured.

“This is one of the first steps towards ensuring a better coordination of government, civil society and international agencies in building and sustaining a national child protection system – and Plan Cambodia plays a critical role as a convener of the process: congratulations and well done,” he said.

 Plan has declared child protection as its one theme for a global intervention. In Cambodia, since 2006, the organisation has been investing on a project called family protection network that have been very successful in addressing all forms of violence against children and women.

 “I am aware of other successful models of child protection being implemented by other actors in Cambodia. However, oneness of these models and linkages through improved coordination is key,” added Mr. Supriyanto.

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