Deputy CEO Visiting Plan Cambodia

by Mom Chantara Soleil

As Plan Cambodia is on its half way in search of an effective and efficient intervention to end child poverty, the organisation was honored with the visit of the deputy Chief Executive Officer of Plan International, Mr. Tjipke Bergsma.

The deputy CEO spent one session of his five-day visit, from 4 to 8 May, to see Plan Cambodia’s project pilot to mobilise community’s leadership to achieve child-friendliness – an ambitious initiative that will be later on replicated across Cambodia.

“I think the community score card is a brilliant and transparent solution to measure the child friendliness of a community. It sets clear benchmark, for health, education, protection and participation and allows communities to annually set its own targets. This example needs to be copied throughout the rest of Plan world,” said deputy CEO about the initiative.

The rest of the field activities that took place in Siem Reap Programme Unit include witnessing Plan’s efforts to reduce child and mother death, to increase parenting skills, to promote community’s resilience to climate change, to improve livelihood of the poorest, and to better clean water access at schools.  

IMG2161 “You should be proud of yourselves. You have such a good team here and you are growing fast,” said Mr. Tjipke to the management team of Plan Cambodia.

After successful completion of its first strategic plan in the country with almost 60% young population, Plan Cambodia in 2011 began its new five-year journey boosted by five priories: addressing needs by age groups, focusing on multi-grant for greater impacts, promoting profile, expanding interventions to cover the excluded and improving work efficiency.

Mr. Supriyanto, Country Director of Plan Cambodia who pioneered the priorities and was lately elected as the leader of 300 civil society organisations for dialogue with the country’s Prime Minister, reflected his leadership: “I call what we are doing ‘the search of effective and efficient operation’. We have traveled far distance but the destination we have to reach is still far. With a solid team work, I am confident we will be able to implement our noble work better, with a higher sense of accomplishment.”

With an annual budget of over 14 million US dollars, Plan Cambodia – the second largest child rights organisation in the country, is working with 35 implementing partners. Its interventions cover more than a half of Cambodia’s 24 provinces and municipality.

 IMG157“The presence and insights of the deputy Chief Executive Officer are motivation and inputs for Plan Cambodia to assure a more robust move toward lasting impacts in lives Cambodian children,” said Mr. Prashant Verma, the organisation’s Prgramme Support Manager, who took the lead of the visit hospitality.

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