Plan Cambodia’s Innovative Work Receives National Recognition

by Mom Chantara Soleil

The Royal Government of Cambodia on 26 December 2012 granted national recognition of silver medal to Plan Cambodia for its active endeavor to address issues of Cambodian orphanage and vulnerable children.

The governmental recognition, 5th of its kind within the last two years for Plan Cambodia, was presented to the organisation’s Country Director Mr. Supriyanto at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation.

Picture 110

The recognition does not only represent good cooperation between Plan and the government, but also indicates Plan’s accomplishing child-centred intervention in Cambodia.            

Plan Cambodia was among twenty NGOs receiving different categories of recognition in an official annual ceremony participated by some 220 government, NGO, and International Organisation officials.

The other four governmental recognitions were granted for Plan’s commitment and achievement in implementing the Convention of the Rights of the Child, promoting basic education access, quality and governance, and improving rural health and sanitation.

On the same day, Mr. Supriyanto highlighted the programmatic strengths of Plan Cambodia to one of the country’s leading news televisions, National Television of Kampuchea.

Picture 013

“From less than 10%, more than 90% of children in Plan targeted areas now are having access to preschools. Perpetrators of child abuses are increasingly brought for legal procedure rather than  going through private settlement via money – thanks to our capacity building to government and local NGO and the involvement of children in our family protection network,” tells Mr. Supriyanto of some Plan’s programmatic strengths to TVK reporter.

Asked about what has been planned for the new year 2013, he adds “In addition to expanding our programmatic strengths, our focus for the next year is to enable commune councils and community people including children to fully own, lead and manage development project in an accountable manner and where children are at the heart of it. This is what we call child friendly community.”

“Placing children at the centre of the development agenda is more than an obligation; it is a step towards ensuring that development is lasting and creative. For instance, we are officially recognising most child friendly journalists in Cambodia – a unique initiative of Plan in Cambodia”

Plan has been operating in Cambodia since 2002, helping poor children to access their rights to education, health, sustainable livelihoods and protection. Up until now, the work benefits more than 600,000 children and reaches more than 80,000 families in 580 communities.

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